Bot Traffic Analytics & Management

Designed Specifically for Cloudflare Users.

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Intelligently manages your Cloudflare firewall

Turnstil.Cloud clicks each time a request is made to your server. Use Turnstil to gain deep insights into ALL the traffic hitting your website – both bot & human!

Google Analytics doesn’t show bot traffic - We Do!

Most website owners never see the bot traffic hitting their website(s), because Google Analytics doesn’t display bot traffic. With Turnstil.Cloud, you can see ALL of the traffic taking up your sever resources, both Human & Bot!

Spot & Mitigate
Stop DDoS Attacks, Content Scraping, Login Brute Force & Credential Stuffing Attacks as soon as they happen.
Get Deep Insight
Peer into how good bots are navigating your website, from Google Search bots to Feed Parsers & Social Media link-backs.
Manage Commercial Bots
Watch how commercial bots use your website and its data for their benefit (not yours) and control what information your competitors can see.

Manage Advertising ROI & Ensure Campaign Success

All advertising platforms have a big problem with click fraud – it’s a dirty secret they don’t talk about, and it wastes your ad dollars each and every day. Turnstil let’s you see ALL traffic coming to your website (including click fraud bots) so you can make valuable decisions about your ad spend.

Monitor Landing Page Traffic
See how much traffic comes from bots, compared to real humans.
Increase Ad ROI
Halt ads on platforms that misrepresent Clickthrough & Conversion Rates.
Make Valuable Decisions
Stay informed about your ad spend, based on the actual traffic coming to your website.

Stop Many Types Of Attacks Before They Ever Happen

Through the power of our community, we spot emerging cybercrime trends and website attack vectors quickly, and apply that knowledge to protecting your website(s).

Bad Bots Masquerading As Human
Identify traffic and its true purpose easily with Turnstil.Cloud.
AI & Machine Learning
Quickly identify and label new threat vectors.
Get Alerts Via Email & Text
Get notified when security events are happening on your website(s). (coming Soon)

Case Study: Credential Stuffing

Most people reuse passwords across multiple websites. A successful hack on your competitor (or any other website) can lead to a “Credential Stuffing Attack” on your website, where criminals gain access to user accounts using lists of known email/password combos.

You have a Legal Obligation to protect your users’ data
Even if it’s their bad habit of reusing passwords that creates the problem.
Turnstil.Cloud Monitors Logins
We'll compare incoming traffic against a continuously evolving list of AI-Identified red flags for Credential Stuffing Attacks.
Mitigate Credential Stuffing On Your Website
Turnstil will monitor and gate malicious incoming traffic – you'll get alerts about credential stuffing events via email or text message (coming soon) as soon as they occur.