Green-up Your Website!

Turnstil turns off all wasted energy spent serving useless website traffic.

You could leave your lights on all the time. There’s a reason why you don’t. Similarly, you shouldn’t let bots ramp up and waste the energy of your server. Turnstil is a switch that turns off all that wasted energy spent serving useless website traffic.

Every byte of data that leaves your server takes energy. If half the traffic to your website is bot traffic, then half the energy you use (and half the money you pay for your data output) is going directly to support bot traffic.

By controlling the bot traffic on your server, you not only save money, but you help reduce the carbon footprint of your business substantially! The bots behind site scrappers and DDoS attacks aren’t just bad for your business, they are bad for the environment. Stop them in their tracks with Turnstil.Cloud!

Turnstil.Cloud pays for itself! When it comes to your bottom line, using Turnstil.Cloud will decrease your throughput costs – Turnstil.Cloud helps pay for itself through reduced data transmission every month. Turnstil.Cloud is good for your business, good for your bottom line, and good for the environment. It’s a win win win for everyone.

increase in ddos attacks exceeding 100gbs
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