What Is Turnstil.Cloud Analytics?

Turnstil.Cloud gives you deep insight into ALL of your website traffic, human and bots.

Turnstil.Cloud Analytics gives you comprehensive insight into the bot traffic hitting your website. Watch search bots index your site, and see how feed generators are exploiting your content. Get valuable information about bad bots including login brutes, DDoS attacks, Content Scrapers and SQL Injectors. See what’s happening at any time in the hidden areas of your website that Google Analytics doesn’t show you.

Most websites have a huge problem with bad bots. If you’re at the point where bots concern you, then you probably already have a problem with bad bots on your website. Turnstil will show you how bad the problem really is, and give you the cyber-intelligence you need to control it.

But Turnstil.Cloud is not just about bots – we give you deep insight into ALL of your website traffic, human and bot alike. Watch in realtime as human users navigate your website. See what path they take, and learn how much time they stay on each page. Watch all of their activity until they complete a transaction, or gain insight into why they went away. There’s a lot to learn by watching actual humans navigate your website.

increase in ddos attacks exceeding 100gbs
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