Forcing A Captcha Using Honey Pages.

Sep 19, 2021

Honey Pages Challenge or Block IPs that hit specific URLs on your website. They are essential tools for stopping DDoS and Credential Stuffing Attacks, but they also work well when you need to ensure a specific webpage is protected from Automated Bot Attacks. 

For example, if you have an Administrator Login Page on your website, you can “Force A Captcha” whenever the page is loaded. The Captcha is a quick interactive test that gives thinking humans the ability to pass while stopping automated bots from loading the web page to attack your website.

To protect a webpage with a Captcha using Turnstil.Cloud:

1. Enable Honey Pages

2. Enter the path to the webpage you want to protect.

3. Chose “Challenge” from the Response Menu.

4. Click “Add Page.”

A new Honey Page is created that monitors your selected path and challenges (with a captcha) any IP to hit it.