Feb 9, 2021

There’s no cost to install Turnstil and gain insight into how bots (and humans) are exploiting your website(s).

Already a Cloudflare user?

If you’re already a Cloudflare user, it takes less than a minute to install Turnstil and begin controlling the bot traffic on your website(s). The process is quick, simple, can be done by the business owner or a non-technical manager (even after hours when the techs are in bed), and works even if your website is down due to an ongoing attack – Turnstil is your first line of defence for spotting and banning bad bots attacking your website!

To install Turnstil, go to the Turnstil App Page at Cloudflare and click the “Preview on your site” button.

Your Cloudflare Global API Key is required to install Turnstil. Go to this page at Cloudflare and copy your global API Key to your clipboard before starting the install process.

Not a Cloudflare user?

Turnstil works with FREE Cloudflare accounts. Get set up on Cloudflare now!