Protect Your Company Against Cyber Threats

Feb 24, 2022

On most websites, 80% or more of the requests made to the server are from Bots. It's a huge, unseen, seedy world of script kiddies, criminals, and (even more often) nation state hackers probing and testing your website for vulnerabilities. Much of this traffic goes unseen ... so we invented Turnstil.Cloud Bot Analytics to shine a light on it, and show you what is truly happening on your web server.

Get the Forensic Intelligence you need to Stop Cyber Attacks against your Venture Capital, Investment, or Fintech Firm with Turnstil.Cloud Bot Analytics.

Turnstil.Cloud sees EVERYTHING! Every hit to your server is displayed by our analytics. This could be a hit to a web page, or to a file that has been found by a probing hacker. Maybe an employee is hosting download links they shouldn't directly on your server? Turnstil.Cloud will see and catalogue it.

Specialized analytics reports show you when vulnerability scans are happening, and where they are coming from. AI Automated Turnstil.Cloud tools can catch this traffic in a Honey Page™, and automatically ban it.

DDoS Attacks & Credential Stuffing Attacks are super annoying and can be financially punitive. Turnstil.Cloud can stop these attacks in their tracks - and even bring a crashed website back online without having to restart the server.

Turnstil.Cloud gives you a view of your website traffic unlike anything you've ever seen before. A first glance at Turnstil.Cloud Analytics is often so enlightening, that our users wonder how they ever ran a website before.

Remove the Fog Of War from your website and see everything that happens on it, using Turnstil.Cloud. Plans start at just $10/month: